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UserGiftRegistryCreate action

This action combines creating a store user registry profile with creating a gift registry profile for a new (unregistered) customer. This action is executed by a customer who logs onto the store's Web site to create a registry. The UserGiftRegistryCreate action is a wrapper that calls UserRegistrationAdd (a WebSphere Commerce command) and GiftRegistryCreate (a base IBM Gift Center action).

Use this command with SSL to ensure that all personal information is encrypted. To do so, type the command with the HTTPS secure protocol.

URL structure

The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path (for example, wcserver.mydomain.ibm.com is fully qualified).

Parameter values

The UserGiftRegistryCreate action calls UserRegistrationAdd and GiftRegistryCreate. Refer to the parameter values for UserRegistrationAdd and GiftRegistryCreate for details.


The following example creates a ConsumerDirect store registration profile and a gift registry profile for the gift registrant John Smith, who has registered for his wedding anniversary on May 25, 2006. The logon ID for both store and the gift registry will be jsmith. The gift registry is for a store with the ID of 10001. John Smith has set up passwords for himself and any gift givers that he has invited to use the gift registry.

address1_1=123 Main Street&city_1=Toronto&state_1=Ontario &country_1=Canada&zipCode_1=M1M1M1


  • Upon successful completion, the specified URL is called.
  • Registers a new customer with the store.
  • Creates a gift registry profile for the customer.
  • If unsuccessful, the command redirects to the error view.

Exception conditions

Refer to the exceptions described for the UserRegistrationAdd and the GiftRegistryCreate actions.