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GiftRegistryLogoff action

This action removes any authentication that a user has for a gift registry. If a value is provided for the externalId parameter, the action removes the authentication authority for the specified gift registry only; otherwise, the action removes the user's authentication for all gift registries in the current gift registry context.

URL structure

The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path (for example, wcserver.mydomain.ibm.com is fully qualified).
GiftRegistryLogoff syntax diagram

Parameter values

Required: The URL to be called when the action completes successfully.
Required: The unique gift registry identifier.
Overrides the error view when an error occurs.


The following example logs off a user who previously updated gift registry 888.



  • Upon successful completion, the specified URL is called.
  • Logs off a user from a gift registry context (session).

Exception conditions

  • If a required parameter is not specified, the system throws an exception with the _ERR_CMD_MISSING_PARAMETER message key.
  • If the system encounters a security problem, such as a user attempting to access the gift registry without the appropriate authorization, the system throws an exception with the _ERR_NOT_AUTHORIZED message key.