Viewing publish status

Use the Administration Console to view the status of your publishing jobs.


  1. Ensure that you have Site Administrator access.
  2. Open the Administration Console and select Site on the Administration Console Site/Store Selection page.
  3. From the Store Archives menu, select Publish Status. The Publish Status page displays, listing all publish jobs.
  4. To see more details about a particular publish job, select it from the list. Click Details. The Publish Details page displays. While the store archive is being published, the Publish Details page is automatically refreshed every 20 seconds with the latest publishing status. If an error occurs during publishing, a window displays with more details about the error. If you need more information, see Troubleshooting publishing.
  5. Review the publishing details.
  6. If the store archive published successfully, you have the option of launching your store. To view and test your store, Click Launch Store.
  7. When you have finished viewing the store, bookmark the site, and close the browser.