Pinterest integration with WebSphere Commerce

You can integrate WebSphere Commerce with Pinterest through Pinterest Buyable Pins that are available through the Pinterest iOS app. Use the WebSphere Commerce Pinterest Integration Accelerator to help with integration.

Note: Currently, no other mobile application ecosystems are supported by Pinterest.

In this integration, a shopper clicks the Buy It button within the Pinterest iOS app. An order is then created in WebSphere Commerce through Pinterest APIs. The APIs are Pinterest specific, and must be created in your WebSphere Commerce environment. Most of these APIs are available as part of the WebSphere Commerce Pinterest Integration Accelerator. Shipping and Payment APIs are not included. These APIs are specific to each individual WebSphere Commerce installation, and therefore must be created by you. In addition, you must provide Pinterest with two feeds of your catalog and inventory for listing your merchandise and keeping Pinterest up-to-date.

To obtain the WebSphere Commerce Pinterest Integration Accelerator and its related documentation, see IBM ExperienceOne Solution Engineering: WebSphere Commerce - Pinterest accelerator.