IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce

Today's marketplace includes inbound call centers where Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) manage inquiries from potential customers. The IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce manages stores, customers, organizations, orders, quotes, and payment information. The IBM Sales Center is a rich client interface which is installed on CSRs' systems.

The IBM Sales Center offers the following features for CSRs:

  • You can interact with WebSphere Commerce. The same store can receive orders from both the Web and an inbound call center.
  • You can complete the following customer service tasks:
    • Select and remove stores
    • Create, find, edit, and delete customers
    • Create, find, edit, cancel, prepare, save, submit, and view orders
    • Create, find, edit, copy, and cancel quotes
    • Add and view shipping instructions for orders
    • Add, remove, and edit payment instructions and methods for orders and quotes
    • Find, compare, and view products
    • Add products, prebuilt kits, dynamic kits, and merchandising associations
  • You can accomplish customer service tasks more easily and efficiently with the user interface:
    • Data fields are prepopulated with default values.
    • Dialog boxes are directly accessible from any area in the user interface.
    • Dialog boxes contain concise information.
    • Search results are sorted to quickly find required information.

An application developer can customize, extend, and reconfigure parts of the IBM Sales Center (such as panels, views, and dialog boxes) to meet the unique business needs of the company.

The system administrator can update the IBM Sales Center automatically and manually to apply any necessary fixes or to install updated features and plug-ins.

In addition, WebSphere Commerce provides reports on CSR performance and activities, including revenue, sales, orders, price overrides, performance ranking, profit, quotations, customer organizations, and customer territories. These reports are available for individual Customer Service Representatives or a CSR team. You can access these reports in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.