Publishing a store archive

Publishing a store archive to a WebSphere Commerce Server allows you to create a running store. You have two options for publishing a store archive: Publishing a store archive using the Publish wizard, Publishing a store archive using the publishstore utility.

  • Do not publish a store archive and load catalog data at the same time. Before publishing a store archive, ensure that no catalog-upload job is running.
  • In a clustered environment, make sure that commerce instances on all nodes are running.
  • You should publish your starter store after you install the new feature pack level and enable the store-enhancements feature. This ensures you get the latest starter store code base that utilizes all the new APIs that have been added in the feature packs.
  • If your previous environment used Websphere Commerce Solr search, and you want to publish a new store model after enabling features, you must migrate the Websphere Commerce search server before you can publish the new store.