Installing the components

You have now created a private key, requested and received a certificate, used the certificate to create a masthead, and then generated the various installation components, including the BigFix Installation Guide.

When the components have been saved, the BigFix Installation Guide automatically launches. You can also run it at any time by selecting it from the Start Menu.

To install the three major components of BigFix (server, console, and client), follow these steps:

  1. If it is not already running, launch the Installation Guide (Start > Programs > BigFix > BigFix Installation Guide).
  2. A dialog box opens, prompting you to select a component to install. Click the links on the left, in order from top to bottom, to install the BigFix components. You can also Browse Install Folders. The component installers includes:
    • Install Server
    • Install Console
    • Install Clients
    • Install WebUI
  3. The BigFix server, console, clients and WebUI all have their own installers. Follow the instructions for each, as described in the following sections.