Known limitations and workarounds

This section describes the known limitations and possible workarounds.

Client and Session relevance expressions with a large number of elements
Known limitation: The evaluation of client or session relevance expressions containing a large number of elements could be expensive, and result in the crash of the process running them (Client, FixletDebugger, QnA, WebReports, and so on) depending on the hardware or software resources of the machine.
Workaround: Define the client or session relevance expressions with a limited number of elements inside. For example, avoid the use of relevance expressions containing an high number of logical conditions or hundreds of elements in a set.
Computer Name for Windows is limited to 15 characters
Known limitation: The Computer Name property for the Windows agents retrieves the Netbios name of the computer, which is limited to 15 characters. See
Workaround: If you want something different from the Netbios name on Windows, you must use a different Inspector (retrieved property). You can use such properties as host name, dns name to provide additional values as needed.