Upgrading on Linux systems

  • The Fixlet server upgrade is not available in BigFix V9.5 and V9.5.5; you must upgrade the BigFix server manually.
  • You must upgrade the BigFix Server manually when upgrading from V9.5.4 or earlier.
The following BigFix V9.5 capabilities are supported only if all BigFix components (server, relays, agents) are upgraded to V9.5:
  • Collecting data from BigFix agents deployed in several different code pages and languages.
  • Encode the data in UTF8 format.
  • Report it back to the BigFix server.

Before upgrading BigFix to V9.5, ensure its version is 9.2.3 or later.

You must upgrade the BigFix components to V9.5 in this order:
  1. The BigFix servers and consoles. These components must match their versions and must be upgraded at the same time (consoles with a version earlier than or later than the server version are not allowed to connect to the server and database).
  2. The BigFix relays.
  3. The BigFix agents.
During the upgrade, the versions of the different components must respect this rule: server version >= relay version >= client version

As a best practice, follow the instructions provided in Running backup and restore to make a recovery copy of your BigFix Server environment and to ensure that, if needed, you can run the rollback.

For upgrading a DSA environment see Manual upgrade.


For Solaris: Starting from BigFix Platform version 9.5.13, you can install the client by using the IPS package on Solaris 11 computers. On Solaris version 10 or earlier, upgrading by using the IPS package is not supported. If you used the PKG package to install the client on these versions, then upgrading the client in global zone removes it from local zones as well. You have to reinstall the client in local zones.

  1. The WebUI services installed by versions of the BigFix Platform earlier than V9.5.3 do not work on V9.5.3 and later. To upgrade to V9.5.3 or later from an earlier version you must install again the WebUI with the WebUI specific installation Fixlet "Install BigFix WebUI Service (Version 9.5.X)". After installation, your pre-V9.5.3 data becomes available when the first ETL process completes.
  2. You can roll back to a previous version of BigFix only if you did not enable the enhanced security option. After you enable it in your environment, you cannot roll back to a previous version of BigFix even if you disable it.
Note: If the WebUI is deployed, it should be upgraded at the same time as the BES Server. See WebUI Installation.