Untitled tab

This is the initial view when you log in to the Query app. When no query is selected, the tab in the Create or edit Query section is displayed as Untitled tab. When you select a saved query, this tab displays the title of the selected Query.

Note: Depending on your device resolution, the layout of the Query tabs differs. Refer to the link to find more information on supported resolutions.

If you have logged in as an Administrator or Master Operator or Content creator, you can see the following functions through this tab.

  • Parameter: Click this button to add a parameter to your query. See Managing parameters in queries to learn more about managing parameters.
  • View: This is a toggle button that helps to toggle between Operator view and Edit view. If an Admin runs a parametrized query, to input the value for the parameter in the query, the Admin must switch over to the operator view.
  • Clear: Click this button to clear the Relevance statement in the Query editor.
  • Save: Click this button to save a new query or updates to the existing query. When saving the new query you will be aksed to fill in a fields like:
    • Query Title
    • Description
    • Site
    • Categories. You can create new category by clicking on Add a new Category button
  • Evaluate by: Agent Client Debugger: Enabling the Evaluate by Agent flag and running a query helps you to retrieve accurate data from the client.
  • Edit: If you have switched over to Operator view, click this button to return to Edit view.

If you have logged in as an Operator, you can only view the description of the Query and cannot see the Relevance expression. Also, the above buttons are disabled. If you run a parametrized query as an operator, you can enter the value for the parameter from this tab.