Find relevance

From the Find relevance tab, you can fetch the Relevance content from BES server. Master Operators/Content Creators can search for the properties or fixlets and tasks from the BES server with the key words.

Important: Web reports must be up and running to view and work with Find relevance.
Note: Depending on your device resolution, the layout of the Query tabs differs. Refer to the link to find more information on supported resolutions.
To find the relevance, do the following:
  1. In the Query editor, go to Find relevance tab.

  2. Select Properties or Fixlets and Tasks.
  3. Select a Site from the dropdown list. By default, the site is set to BES Support. The search includes the custom sites.

    Note: The sites available in the drop down are all the available external BigFix sites the Content Creator is entitled to see, plus the ActionSite if the operator is a Master Operator.
  4. Enter any keyword in the search box and press Enter to see the results. All matching Fixlets and Tasks or Properties (as selected) along with the Relevance statements appear in a result set with the specified string highlighted.

    To see the Relevance preview, click the associated row.

    You can also copy the Relevance statement from the Relevance preview text box and paste it in the Untitled tab in the Query editor to save as a new query or run the query.

    Note: In case a property belongs to an analysis, the Name column for Properties is formatted in the following way: (name_of_the_analysis) name_of_the_property. In other cases, it is just the name of the property. For Fixlets and Tasks it is always the name of the fixlet/task.