Deploy Procedure

  1. Select devices or content for deployment; click Deploy.
    • Use the List views, filter, and search tools to find the records you want.
    • Review the content documents to ensure that you understand their effects.
  2. Select content or device targets, respectively; click Next.
    • Use the lists, filters, and search tools, and review device and content documents as needed.
    • Alternatively, you can deploy an action directly from the Software Document as described in Software Documents.
  3. If the "Require decision" or "Non-deployable" prompts display, one or more actions require input.
    • One or more actions require attention
    • The Selected actions link indicates Tasks, Patches or Software depending on the App you are working with

    Image of the right panel. Annotations: a) The "Fix the error below to proceed" message indicates that one or more actions require attention. b) The Selected actions link says Tasks, Patches, or Software, depending on the content you are working with.
    1. Click the Selected actions link (Tasks, Patches, or Software) to open the Decision dialog.
      Image of the Decision dialog. Annotations: a) Click Remove to remove an individual action. b) Remove content that cannot be deployed. c) Click the Select an Action field to supply a parameter for this action.
      Note: Multiple Action Groups can be reordered by clicking and dragging individual actions. This is a feature of the BigFix® WebUI that cannot be performed in the traditional BigFix® console.
      1. Specify any missing default actions.
        • Fixlets with no default and multiple actions:
          1. Select an action from the drop-down list. For example, a single software package might be used to both install and uninstall an application.

        • Fixlets with no default and a single action:
          1. Review the content document. The Fixlet® author is saying, "Proceed with caution." Pay close attention to any Notes®, Warnings, or Known Issues in the document and make an informed decision.
          2. To remove the action, click the x next to its name. To deploy the action, select "Click here to initiate the deployment process" from the drop-down list.
      2. Enter action parameters as required.
        1. Select the action that is presented in the drop-down list to display the Enter Parameters link.
        2. Click Enter Parameters and type in the required information, such as a path name or service name.
      3. Remove any non-deployable actions, such as audits or superseded patches.
    2. Click Apply to return to the deploy sequence.
    3. Click Next to open the Configuration page.
  4. Select configuration options for the deployment; click Next. See Configuration Options for descriptions of each option.
    Image of the deployment configuration page.
  5. Review your selections. Use the Edit icon to make any adjustments.
  6. Click Deploy.
  7. Monitor deployment results with the Deployment views.