Deploy Sequence Summary

In summary:

  1. Select devices or content for deployment.
  2. Select content or device targets.
  3. Configure deployment options.
  4. Review and deploy.

Prompts, status information, and selection tallies are shown in the side panel. At the top of the page the status bar reflects your location in the deploy sequence. Embedded help (question mark icon) is available for some options.

  • Target Limits. An administrator can limit the amount of content that can be deployed at one time, and the number of devices you can deploy to or query at the same time. If you exceed it, a message displays until you reduce your selections to within the acceptable range. The message includes the target limit, for example, You have exceeded the maximum of 3 devices per deployment.
    Note: If there is a target limit defined, the Non-Master Operators (NMOs) affected cannot deploy actions using the Target by Group option.
  • Not all content can be deployed. If non-deployable content (such as an audit action) is selected, you will be prompted to remove it from the deployment.
  • No Default Action – If content without a default action is selected, you will be prompted to choose one.
  • Action Parameters Required – If content that requires a parameter is selected, you will be prompted to supply one.