Sample applications and scripts

Use these sample applications to practice scanning with ASoC.

To get the feel of what it's like to scan your application with ASoC, we offer sample applications that you can use to run scans.
Note: Safari browsers may add an HTML suffix to the downloaded file (such as demo.apk.html instead of demo.apk). If this happens simply delete the .html suffix before using the file.
Scan type Download link or demo site
Dynamic (DAST) scan Demo web application that can be used to try out ASoC (use the URL and credentials below):
Username: jsmith
Password: demo1234
Dynamic (DAST) scan as part of functional testing Demo functional testing script using ASoC REST API
Static Analysis (SAST) web application code Sample IRX file
Interactive (IAST) scan as part of functional testing
Note: When the above scans are complete you can click the Report icon and download a report, but this report is for demonstration purposes and may not fully correspond to the actual app you used.