Data center selection

HCL offers AppScan on Cloud in the following geographic locations, allowing customers to access security scanning tools in the region of their choice:All locations offer the same service and support. Data is not shared between the data centers.

Choosing a data center

Data center use is an organizational choice. It does not depend on the location of individual users.

Organizations choose a data center upon registering for AppScan on Cloud using a valid license key. License keys are data center-specific.

Users log into the data center chosen by their organization. User invitations direct users to the chosen data center.

While a user's HCL ID will work in all data centers, the HCL ID must be associated with accounts in each region, and the user must log into each data center separately. The landing page for each data center indicates the region.

Note: As new data centers are established, new accounts need to be created to access those data centers. For example, ASoC users who accessed the US data center prior to the establishment of the EU data center will continue to use the US data center.

API keys

API keys for plugins also are data center-specific. To generate API keys for plugins for the AppScan on Cloud data centers, choose the appropriate location:For additional information in generating API keys, see Generating API Keys.