System requirements and version support

This topic provides links to system requirements and supported operating systems and languages for the ASoC analyzers. Also learn about the supported browsers and minimum resolution for the service.

ASoC analyzers

Requirements and limitations:


ASoC uses the following IP ranges (inbound and outbound), on port 443. Make sure the relevant IPs are not blocked by your firewall.
  • North America data center:,
  • Western Europe data center:

In addition, access to the domain: is required.

For some DAST Command Execution and Remote File Inclusion security tests, including those for the Log4j vulnerability, the tested server must be able to send DNS lookup queries to

For customers using legacy mobile analysis (US data center only), the following IPs are also used:

For more information about data centers, see Data center selection.


ASoC supports the latest versions of the following browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari (Mac only)

Screen resolution

The recommended screen resolution for ASoC is 1920 x 1080.

Login requirements

  • If login to your site or app requires credentials other than username and password, you can supply these when setting up the scan, but note that intervention by our Support team will be required to run the scan, which may increase scan time.
  • CAPTCHA is not supported. You must disable any CAPTCHA mechanism in order to scan.

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