Creating Data Export task

Use the following steps to create the extract task.

About this task

This task exports three data files: BulkCookie*, BulkHit*, and BulkSesn*.


  1. In the Discover Portal menu, select Discover > Data Export > Configure Jobs.
  2. Configure the job:
    1. General Tab
      1. Name: Single URL
      2. Post Command: C:\Discover\DataExtractor\Scripts\LoadData_SingleUrl.bat
        Note: This script is a modified copy of bcp_data_files.bat with appropriate variable settings.
    2. Data Set Tab
      1. Enable Custom Search String: true
      2. Search String: url contains alliance-partnership.asp
    3. Data Filters Tab
      1. Response Type: Include All
      2. URL: Include the actual URL relative path in request
      3. Status Code: Include All
      4. Urlfield: Include All
      5. Cookie: Include All (This value is not a default value.)
      6. AppData: Exclude All
      7. Event ID: Exclude All
      8. Var: Exclude All (This area applies only to the earlier SQL Server database method of export.)
    4. Destination Tab
      1. Data Files: Active
      2. Number of concurrent exports Set this value to 1 for proof of concept.