Task execution

At the scheduled time, Unica Discover Data Export runs the specified task. At the time of execution, Unica Discover Data Export requires that basic Unica Discover services, such as Search Server be available. Additionally, the Discover Extractor Service must be operational.

Note: For Unica Discover Data Export Data Files method of extraction, if the Post Command is used to load the data into a destination database, the Discover Extractor Service must run under an account that has permission to place the data into the database. Typically, tasks fail when there are network interruptions or when the Discover Extractor Service is unable to connect to a canister. When a task fails, Unica Discover Data Export might reattempt to complete the task a predefined number of times.
  • Errors are reported in the Discover Extractor log and the Unica Discover Data Export Tasks log.
  • The number of repeat attempts can be configured through the Discover Extractor Service configuration in Manage Services. See "Discover Management System" in the Unica Discover Administration Manual.

If the number of failures reached the limit, then the task is resumed at the next scheduled time.

Note: When a rescheduled task is resumed, the extraction resumes where it left off. For example, if the extraction was midway through the second of three canisters, the sessions in the first canister and the first half of the second canister are not re-extracted.