Discover Event Bus

The Event Bus streams Discover event data from the Short Term Canister, the in-memory database, to a Discover pipeline. The pipeline can then deliver the event data to any system configured to receive it. The ability to send the event data as a stream in real time makes the event bus useful for integrating with real-time systems.

  • The Event Bus runs out-of-band and does not affect the core Discover processes.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines can receive the Discover event bus data as a stream and run computations on the data to observe patterns and sequences on the data outside of the current Discover event infrastructure. The event bus data can be correlated against other enterprise data to create new and insightful correlations.

Note: The Discover Event Bus is a high-performance pipeline and should be limited to only session agents required to complete processing. Typically, these pipeline configurations are limited to either of the following:
  • DecoupleEx session agent > Complex Event Processing engine
  • DecoupleEx session agent > Socket session agent

    If more processing is required on the Event Bus data, it should be forwarded to another pipeline, which by definition runs out-of-band of the Discover Event Bus.