Context menu

When you right-click on a task in the task list, the following context menu items are available:

  • View Log - View the log associated with the task.
  • Extended Log - View the extended log for the task.
    Note: Extended logs are available for the following destinations: Data Files, Log Files, Select Archive, Trim Archive, Session Files, and Image Files. The Extended logging can be configured in the Discover Extractor Service configuration in Manage Services. See "Discover Management System" in the Unica Discover Administration Manual.
  • Run Task Again - Run the task immediately. A copy of the task is created and run. Subsequent executions occur according to the schedule.
  • Stop Task - Stop a task in execution.
  • Disable Task - Disable the task from subsequent executions.
    Note: Disable task only applies to scheduled tasks or waiting to be scheduled.