Scheduled Tasks window

In the Scheduled Tasks window, you can review the tasks that were scheduled to run, initiated, or completed.

  • ID - contains the internal Discover identifier for the task. Identifiers might be used by Unica Discover Data Export tasks, hidden internal tasks, and Unica Discover Session Archiving tasks, if it is installed.
  • Name - the user-friendly name for the task
  • Status - the status of the task. To refresh the status of all tasks in the window, click Refresh.
    • Waiting to Run - the task waiting to be scheduled.
    • Scheduled - the task was scheduled to run.
    • Completed - the scheduled task completed successfully. To run a task again, select the task and click Run Again.
    • Failed - the scheduled task failed to complete. To find out why, select the task and click View Log.
    • Stopped - the scheduled task was stopped by a user. To stop any task, select it and click Stop Task.
    • Running - the scheduled task is running. To stop any task, select it and click Stop Task.
  • Start Time - the date and time for the next time the task is scheduled to run. Time is based on a 24-hour clock.
    • Timestamps for when the task started are labeled with an asterisk (*).
  • Information - a short message indicating the results of the task. For more detailed information, see the log for the task.