Configured Tasks window

Using the Configured Tasks window you can review, edit, create, and delete configured tasks.

In the Configured Tasks window, you can review the set of currently configured tasks. For each task, you can review its start time and frequency (Task Type column), as well as whether it is enabled. The ID column contains the internal Discover identifier for the task. Identifiers may be used by Unica Discover Data Export tasks, hidden internal tasks, and Unica Discover Session Archiving tasks, if it is installed.

  • Some Discover internal tasks are not displayed, which may result in gaps in the ID sequence.
  • With unique internal identifiers, you can have multiple tasks with the same name, but this practice is not recommended.

Through the Configured Tasks window, you can run the following actions:

  • Edit - To edit an existing task, select the task and click the Pencil icon.
  • New - To create task, click the + icon.
    Note: If you receive an error message when attempting to create a task when no tasks were created, verify that the Unica Discover Data Export software was installed on the server that is specified for Unica Discover Data Export in the Manage Portal page.
  • Delete - To delete a task, select the task and click the - icon.