Performing advanced searches

You can perform an advanced search.

About this task

The purpose of the following scenario is to show how to use the advanced search in the context of an example.

The scope of the scenario is to search the job named “ABSENCES” in all job streams to understand how many job streams contain that job, and what impact on the environment can have a change on that job.


  1. Perform the advanced search as follows:
    1. From the Design menu, click Workload Designer page, and then select the engine.
    2. In Explore area, click the job stream card and then click on the arrow in the search bar. This enables you to directly see the advanced filters for the job stream.
    3. Ensure Object type field is pre-filled with Job stream.
    4. In Jobs section, in Job name, type ABSENCES.
  2. Click Search.
  3. The results are shown in a table in the Explore area.


You searched for all job streams that contain the job named “ABSENCES”, and now, checking the results, you can understand how a change on that job can impact the environment.