You can use HCL Workload Automation reports to retrieve data from the HCL Workload Automation database. You can then view, print, and save the results in different kinds of output. You can also save, reuse, and share the reports with other users and modify them at any time.

You can choose to use predefined reports or import your personalized reports created using Business Intelligent Report Tool (BIRT). By using predefined reports it is possible to generate historical reports in a panel completely integrated in the Dynamic Workload Console. The personalized reports allow the administrator to generate reports from other databases by importing BIRT templates in the Dynamic Workload Console.

After you analyze the results of the reports, you can plan and assess changes and adjustments to your workload with the What-if Analysis. The What-if Analysis simulates and evaluates the impact of any changes to the current plan. For more information on What-if Analysis, see Analyzing the impact of changes on your environment.