Monitoring your environment

Through the Dynamic Workload Console, you can monitor your plans, objects in plans, scheduling activities, workstations and domains in your environment.

The HCL Workload Automation enables you to monitor your environment in three ways:
Graphical View

Through the Graphical View, you can have an overall picture of the plan and how it’s structured. At a glance, you can analyze one or more job streams, jobs, dependencies and also analyze the impact a job stream and its jobs can have on the rest of the plan. This helps you to focus where necessary, detect and resolve issues quickly.

Monitoring the process and troubleshooting is simple and immediate thanks to the Graphical View. You can also export the displayed graphic to either a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file or a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file.

Furthermore, you can tailor the view as you prefer thanks to the flexible layout of the Graphical View that enables you to reposition objects in whichever way is most useful or meaningful for you.

For further information about the Graphical View, see Display a graphical plan view.
From the Workload Dashboard you can view the whole status of your workload at a glance for one or more of the engines you have configured. You can check the status of workstations, jobs, critical jobs, prompts, and other relevant information.

For more information about the dashboard monitoring see: Workload Dashboard

Plan Query
To monitor your environment you can easily define a monitoring plan query by clicking Monitoring & Reporting > Workload Monitoring > Monitor Workload. For details about the complete procedure, see Monitoring your objects in the plan.