Monitoring your Scheduling Environment

Tasks to monitor the workstations and domains of your environment.

To monitor workstations and domains in your environment, you create and run monitor tasks.

Note: You must create a connection to a remote HCL Workload Automation engine, before you can run tasks on it to obtain data.
When you create a task, you are actually defining a query where you specify multiple criteria to search for items and to display the search results. You can then save, reuse, and share this task with other users, and modify it at any time. When you run the task, you are actually running the query on the plan to retrieve the information according to the filters and level of detail you specified when you created the task.
Note: To add a task to your favorite bookmarks, from the panel displaying your task results, click the user icon Id icon and select Favorites.

To create a task, perform the following steps.

  1. In the navigation bar, click Monitoring and Reporting > Workload Monitoring > All Configured Task > New.
  2. In the Select Task Type panel, select the task you want to create, and click Next. You must select a task type to make the corresponding list active.
  3. Follow the procedure relating to the specific task you are creating.

Alternatively, you can also create and run your task by specifying a query, as described in Creating a monitoring task query.

Each task you create and save is included under the All Configured Tasks menu.