Changing user password in the plan

How you change the user password in the plan.

About this task

A User is the user name used as the login value for several operating system job definitions. Users are defined in the database and are associated to a password.

Users need to access the workstation where HCL Workload Automation launches jobs. If you need to change the user password after having already generated the plan, you can change the password in the plan. However, the changed password is only relevant to the current plan; Jnextplan restores the user password the next time it is run.

To change a user password in the plan, perform the following steps:


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click Administration > Security > Alter User Password in Plan.
  2. Select the engine.
  3. Enter the following information in the Alter User Password in Plan panel:
    The name of the HCL Workload Automation workstation where the user can launch jobs.
    User name

    The user name. A user needs access to the workstation where HCL Workload Automation launches jobs, and have the right to Log on as batch.

    The following formats are supported when specifying the value of the user name:
    The Windows user. For example user1.
    The user belongs to a Windows domain. Specify the Windows domain name to which the user belongs. For example MYDOMAIN\user1.

    The user belongs to an internet domain. The user name is in User Principal Name (UPN) format. UPN format is the name of a system user in an email address format. The user name is followed by the "at sign" followed by the name of the Internet domain with which the user is associated.

    For example

    When a name is not unique it is considered to be a local user, a domain user, or a trusted domain user, in that order. If you schedule a job on a pool or a dynamic pool, the job runs with the user defined on the pool or dynamic pool. However, the user must exist on all workstations in the pool or dynamic pool where you plan to run the job.

    Maximum length is 47 characters.

    The user password as defined on the computer. Maximum length is 31 characters.
    Confirm password
    The user password again for confirmation.
    Use this section to view the history of object changes and work with the different versions.
    You can run the following actions:
    Select two different versions and compare them.
    Select a previous version and start the restore process.
  4. Modify the values as required and click Save to save the modified task.