Reusing a workload in another environment

You can use workload application template to utilize workloads that have been used in other environments. For example, when necessary, it is possible to import a workload application template in a different environment.

About this task

The purpose of this task is to export a workload from an environment and import into another environment.

The scope of the scenario is to export the workload for managing the payroll in a company from the test environment and import it in the production environment with a Workstation in production called MAIN_WKS, replacing existing job streams. The job stream named PAYROLL_PROC_21, that monthly creates and uploads payrolls for the year 2021 and the event rule PAYROLL_21, that monthly send a notification to your employees will be exported in a template called PAYROLL.WAT and imported in the production environment.


  1. Export the existing job stream by creating a workload application template
    1. From the Design menu, click Workload Designer page and then select the engine.
    2. In Explore area, click Create new + and select workload application template.
    3. In General info, type the name PAYROLL
    4. From the Details view, add the job stream PAYROLL_PROC_21 by clicking the plus button near Job stream.
    5. Save the template, and then click on the export button on the workload application template row to export it.
  2. Import the workload application template in the production environment.
    1. From the Design menu, click Workload Designer page, click Import, and select Import workload application.
    2. Define the engine and upload the exported template.
    3. In Jobs, map the jobs of the workload application template and in Job Streams map PAYROLL_PROC_21 as target job stream.
    4. In Workstation, select the MAIN_WKS workstation in the Target field .
    5. In Event Rules map the event rule PAYROLL_21 as a target event rule.
    6. Click Import.


You have exported the job stream named PAYROLL_PROC_21 containing the jobs and the event rule PAYROLL_21 as a workload application template and imported in the production environment.