To choose a location for a snapshot view storage directory

About this task

Tip: Use this procedure only while creating a view. More information is available on changing the location of an existing view storage directory.


  1. Start joining a project or creating a view.
  2. While creating a view, on the step in which you choose a location for a view, click Advanced Options.
  3. In the Advanced Options window, perform one of the following actions:
    • Select Use Server Storage Location. If your administrator created multiple server storage locations, one is selected as the default for this view. You can choose a different one if you prefer.
    • [Applies only to HCL VersionVault.] If your computer is set up to store view storage directories and you want to locate the view storage directory in the root directory of the snapshot view or in another directory, select Collocate under snapshot view root or use explicit path. Do not select this option if you plan to use the view while disconnected from the network.