To remove, modify or add load rules when editing the config spec

About this task

Tip: If you unload a directory element, all elements below the directory are unloaded also. Any view-private files or directories are saved to a .unloaded directory.


  1. Open the view config spec for editing:
    1. Open a shell (command prompt) and change to a directory in the view.
    2. Enter the following command:

      cleartool edcs

      The view config spec is opened in your default text editor.

      If you work in a base VersionVault environment, your view load rules follow this syntax:
      load vob-tag/element-path
      In you work in a UCM environment, in your text editor, your view load rules are below the line ADD CUSTOM LOAD RULES AFTER THIS LINE. By default, your view uses one load rule for each component loaded in the view:
      load name-of-component
  2. If you want to unload a file or directory, remove the load rule that selects the element you want to remove, or modify the load rules to exclude the element. You can also modify existing load rules or create new ones to load additional files or directories. Remove, modify or add rules using the following guidelines, depending on your work environment:
    • If you are working in a UCM environment, use the following syntax:

      load component-name [ path ... ]

      For example, the rule "load /gui_vob" loads the /gui_vob component and all the files and directories it catalogs. To limit the scope of this load rule to a subordinate tree within the component, add the subordinate tree path. For example, the rule "load /gui_vob/batch/calc" loads the subordinate tree starting from the calc directory. You can use a load rule to specify a single file. For example, the rule "load /gui_vob/make/include.h" loads only the file include.h from the make directory.

    • If you are working in base VersionVault environment, use the following syntax:

      load vob-tag/element-path [...]

      For example, the rule "load /gui_vob" loads all files and directories in the VOB named /gui_vob. The rule "load /gui_vob/batch" loads only the batch directory recursively.

    Load rules with a broader scope override rules with a narrower scope. For example, if your config spec contained "load /gui_vob" and "load /gui_vob/batch/calc", the entire /gui_vob VOB (in base VersionVault) or component (in UCM) is loaded.

    No practical limit is imposed on the number of load rules you can use for any one view.

  3. Save the config spec and exit the text editor.
  4. In your command shell, answer Yes when prompted to set the config spec.