How snapshot views are distinguished from standard directories

The root directory of a snapshot view contains a hidden file, .view.dat (on the UNIX® system and Linux) or view.dat (on Windows® systems). When a (.)view.dat file is found in a directory, that directory is determined to be the root directory of a snapshot view.

The (.)view.dat file provides information that is used to perform operations on the files in the view. For example, from the (.)view.dat file for the view, the view tag for the view and the location of the view storage directory can be determined. If you delete this file inadvertently, the view is no longer identified as an HCL VersionVault object, and you can no longer perform HCL VersionVault operations on files or directories loaded in the view.

You can regenerate the (.)view.dat file.

Windows tip: To determine whether the current directory is in a snapshot view, a search is made for the view.dat file. If you assign a directory below the root directory of the snapshot view to a drive, the view.dat file for the view cannot be found and it is assumed that the current directory is not a snapshot view.