HCL VersionVault registry backup and switchover

HCL VersionVault provides tools that enable you to configure one or more backup registry hosts. A backup registry host can take over when a registry server fails.

Access to the registry is critical for nearly all HCL VersionVault operations. Because registry data is such an important resource, you can designate any HCL VersionVault host as a backup registry host and periodically copy registry data to it with the rgy_backup command. If the primary registry host fails, you can run the rgy_switchover program, which promotes the backup registry host to primary registry host and reconfigures client hosts to use it if the clients are online and running the location broker (albd).

This topic describes two scenarios that involve the failure of a registry host, one that assumes you have been using rgy_backup and one that assumes you have not (but have been backing up the primary registry host's file system, as described in Backing up HCL VersionVault registry data).

The HCL VersionVault scheduler service runs the rgy_backup command periodically on all hosts. On an HCL VersionVault host that is not configured as a backup registry host, the command does nothing. On an HCL VersionVault host that is configured as a backup registry host, the command copies the primary registry host's registry database and client list to the backup registry host, where it can be used if the host is promoted to primary registry host. For more information, see the rgy_backup reference page and The HCL VersionVault scheduler.
Note: To run the rgy_backup command, you must have write permission to the backup registry database directory.