Managing registry data

Registry data for most common operations is managed automatically. Other operations can require an administrator to create, remove, or modify registry data.

About this task

An object and a tag are created by HCL VersionVault when you create a VOB or a view. The tag and the object are removed when you remove a VOB or a view. In many cases, no further administrative action is required. You might need to manipulate VOB and view objects and tags for any of the following reasons:
  • To make a tag available in another registry region
  • To change the name of a VOB or view
  • After you move a VOB or view to a different host
  • After you restore a VOB or view from backup media
  • To clean up the registry after a VOB or view is removed by a nonstandard procedure
To inspect, create, and repair VOB and view objects and tags, use the VersionVault Registry node of the HCL VersionVault Administration Console or any of the cleartool subcommands named in the following figure, which shows how these commands affect registry data.
Figure 1. How cleartool commands affect registry data

Figure 3 shows how cleartool commands add and remove view tag and VOB tag data and view object and VOB object data from the registry.