Branching the workflow template

You can configure the project template to use a different workflow that is based on template attributes. For example, you can configure the template to use a different workflow based on what selection the user makes in the form attribute channel: phone, direct mail, or email. Understandably, the tasks for a project might change dramatically based on these options.

Before you begin

You must add forms to your project template before you branch the workflow. You must create workflow templates in your system before you branch the workflow.

You can build workflow template branching based on the following types of form and campaign attributes.

  • Single-select
  • Single-select database
  • Yes/No

About this task

When a user creates a project, the workflow branches based on the how branching is defined in the template.


  1. Open the project template and configure or import the default workflow.
  2. Click Template Branching.
  3. Select a form from the list that contains the attribute on which you want to build the template branching.
    This list contains forms that you previously added to the project template on the Tabs tab.
    Unica Plan populates a list of attribute values.
  4. Select a form attribute from the list.
    Form attributes and attribute values are controlled on the form template
  5. For each attribute value, select a workflow template from the list. You can select the default workflow, or any other workflow template on your system.
  6. Click Save and Return.