Project template Request tab for configuring the request process

Users who do not have permission to create instances from the template can submit a request to create an instance. Then, the request must be approved. Use this tab to determine who receives requests and how requests are processed.

Use this tab to set up the following conditions for requests that are created from this template.

  • Request recipients or how request recipients are designated.
  • The order in which recipients receive request notifications and in which they must respond to requests.
  • The length of time that recipients have to respond.
  • The way reapprovals are handled.

You use the Rule Builder on the Request tab of a project template to set up conditions that determine who receives a project request. Note the following behavior.

  • A project request that is created from a template that has recipient rules uses all of the rules you set up with the Rule Builder. You can set up multiple rules.
  • If you change the recipient rules in the template, it affects the behavior of all existing requests that are created from the template.
Note: Only changes to recipient rules affect the behavior of existing requests. Any other changes that you make to a project request template are reflected only in new requests.