Exporting workflow templates

You can export individual workflow templates to use in other project templates. In some cases, you might want to edit the exported XML file and reimport the workflow template into Unica Plan.


  1. Select Settings > Unica Plan Settings.
  2. Click Template Configuration.
  3. Click Workflow.
  4. Click the Export link for the workflow you want to export.
  5. Choose a location to save the XML file, and save it.
  6. Open the file with a text or XML editor, make your changes, and then save the file.
  7. Navigate back to the templates library (Settings > Unica Plan Settings).
  8. Click Import Workflow Template and browse to your edited XML file.
  9. Name the file to differentiate it from the previous version.
    For example, if you export Marketing Collateral, you can name your edited file Marketing Collateral 2. You can always rename the file later.
  10. Create a template and use the new workflow or open an existing template and replace the old workflow template with the new one.