Project template Workflow tab

The Workflow tab identifies and organizes tasks for a project. When you create a template, you can include data on its Workflow tab to provide an initial workflow structure for each marketing object instance that users create. To review and define a workflow on the template, you use a spreadsheet-style interface. Users access a similar spreadsheet interface to update the supplied workflow as needed for individual instances.

For more flexibility, the data on the Workflow tab in any template or any individual instance can be saved as a separate workflow template component. Template components, which can include metrics and forms in addition to workflows, make designing templates to meet different needs more modular and efficient. Any workflow template component can be imported into any project type template or instance.

Initially, the Workflow tab displays in view mode. To set up the stages, tasks, milestones, dependencies, and other data that make up the workflow, you switch to editing mode.

Note: When you design the workflow for a template, you can specify team member roles to associate with each task. To do so, you must first define values on the Project Roles tab. For more information, see Project template Project Roles tab for including participants.

For detailed information about configuring a workflow, including options for scheduling, calculating dates, and updating tasks, see the Unica Plan User's Guide.