Project template Campaign tab for communicating with Unica Campaign

Use this tab to configure communication from Unica Plan to Unica Campaign if integration is enabled.

Note: After a user creates a project from a template, you cannot change a non-campaign template to a campaign template or vice versa: The Campaign Project template option on this tab is disabled.

After a campaign template is used to create a project, the only option on this tab that can be changed is the Metric Data Mapping setting. To change any of the other options, you must first delete all of the projects that were created from this template.

The Campaign tab contains the following settings.

Table 1. Fields on the Campaign tab for project templates
Field Description
Campaign Project template Select this check box to mark this template as a campaign project template and display the other Campaign Integration fields.
TCS® Form Select the form that contains the Target Cell Spreadsheet to use for projects that are created from this template. The drop-down list contains all published forms that contain a TCS®.
Metric Data Mapping XML file that contains the data map for sending metrics from an Unica Campaign campaign to an Unica Plan project for reporting purposes.
TCS® Form Display Name The name to display for the selected form on the TCS® tab.
Partition ID Identifies the partition of the Unica Campaign instance in which to create the campaigns that correspond to the campaign projects created from this template.

The default value is partition1, which is correct if Unica Campaign is installed to a single partition. If Unica Campaign is installed on multiple partitions, you can specify the partition to use for creating campaigns.

You can specify any Unica Plan partition. Make sure that you specify a partition to which you have access and for which integration is enabled.

For more information about setting up Unica Campaign partitions, the Unica Campaign Installation Guide.

Show TCS® tab in request Select the check box to display the TCS® when the template is used to request a project. If the check box is clear, the TCS® displays only in campaign projects and not in requests.
Approval Required Select the check box to require approval for all the target cells that are created in the template. If cleared, the TCS® grid does not show the approval column or approve all and deny all.
Note: As part of the upgrade to version 8.2, Approval Required is cleared for all upgraded campaign templates.

For more information, see TCS approval.

Copy project attributes to campaign attributes Select the check box to automatically copy project information to campaign when users click Finish to create campaign projects. If this check box is not selected, users can click the Copy project attributes to campaign attributes link to copy the data when they create a campaign project instance. By default, the check box is not selected.