Importing workflow templates

You can import an existing workflow template into your project template. Then, you can customize the workflow template for your new project template.

About this task

Before importing a workflow template that references role data in list definitions, ensure that the role data in the import and export environments is the same. For example, if you export a workflow template, import the template into another environment, and then try to change the template's role data in the import environment, the role data reverts to the data that was exported.


  1. Create the project template.
    If the workflow template you plan to use includes project roles, you do not need to define them. The project roles are imported with the workflow template.
  2. Select the Workflow tab.
  3. With the Workflow tab in view mode, click Import Template.

    The system presents a warning displays that the import overwrites the existing workflow.

  4. Click OK.

    A list of workflow templates opens.

  5. Select a template from the list and click Import.

    The Workflow tab displays the workflow tasks and stages from the workflow template. Any roles that are referenced by task rows also display on the Project People tab.

  6. With the Workflow tab in view mode, click approval tasks to configure approvers.
  7. To modify or add stages or tasks, click Edit.

    Then, customize the workflow as necessary for the project template. Remember to save your changes. For more information, see Configuring the workflow.

  8. When the workflow is complete, click Save and Finish to return to view mode.