Creating and editing workflow templates

The workflow that you create on the Workflow tab of any project template or instance can be saved as a workflow template. Then, you can reuse the workflow in similar projects.


  1. In any project template or instance, select the Workflow tab.
    You can start with a new template or instance, or select one that already has a defined workflow.
  2. For a new template or instance, change to edit mode. Set up the tasks, dependencies, and values that you want the template to supply as a starting point for new projects. For an existing template or instance, review the workflow.
  3. With the Workflow tab in view mode, click task names to review or define settings.
  4. Click Save as template.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the template and click Continue.
  6. Click Save. The workflow template displays on the Workflow Templates page, and can be imported into any template or instance.

What to do next

To edit a workflow template, open a project template and import the workflow template that you want to edit into its Workflow tab.

Typically, you set up a new template for this purpose because importing a workflow template overwrites any previously defined values. You can then edit the workflow and save the workflow as a new template with the same or a different name.