Virtual project participants

A virtual project participant can assist with a project if the user is a member of a team that is working on the project, but not a project participant. The virtual user can see team tasks that are assigned for the team, and be assigned such tasks. Additionally, a virtual user can view the project and all of its tasks.

About this task

Consider the following scenario.

  • Don is a member of the "Major Accounts" team.
  • The Major Accounts team has Members can accept team-assigned tasks enabled.
  • The Major Accounts team is assigned in the Members column of the "Handouts - design" workflow task for the Fall 2016 Tradeshow project.
  • Don is not a project member for the Fall 2016 Tradeshow project.

Even though Don is not a member of the Fall 2016 Tradeshow project, Don can view and update the "Handouts - design" task. Don can go to the All My Team Tasks page and selecting the "Handouts - design" task. In this case, Don is a "virtual participant" for the Fall 2016 Tradeshow project, and can view all of its project and task information.