Managing reviewers

Reviewers are different from project members because they do not have access to the project. Reviewers approve other project members work. Both reviewer roles and users are defined in the People tab for use in the workflow, mostly for approval tasks.

About this task

Use the Select Reviewers page to perform the following tasks.

  • Add a reviewer
  • Remove a reviewer from the project
  • Change the role for a reviewer


  1. Go to the People tab for the project.
  2. Click Manage roles > Reviewers.
  3. In the Selected Reviewers list box, select a person or team.
  4. Take one of the following actions.
    • To add the person or team to the project, select them from the left pane of the page, and click >> to move them to the right pane. The right pane contains people and teams who are active on the project.
    • To remove the person or team from the project, click <<. This action moves the person or team back to the inactive pane.
    • To change the role for a person or team, use the Up and Down controls to move them to the necessary role.
  5. Click Save Changes.


The Select Team Reviewers dialog box closes and your changes are applied. The People tab becomes active.