Project member management

You manage project members on the People tab. For example, you can manage teams and security permissions.

On the People tab, you can do the following actions.

  • Add team members to the project.
  • Remove team members from the project.
  • Change a role for a member.
  • Add and remove roles.
    Note: A role must exist within the project before you can assign a team member to it.
  • Review a list of team members or request recipients who are out of the office, their delegates, and delegation start dates. (Displays for project or request owners only.)

The People tab controls the following security permissions.

  • View People tab.
  • Edit Team Members, Roles, and Access Levels.
  • Assign Work by Role. Users with this permission can also access the Assign Work by Role and Find/Replace dialog boxes.
Note: Users with View People tab and Edit Team Members, Roles, and Access Levels permissions can automatically add members and member roles on workflow spreadsheets without adding them to the People tab first.

Notes on managing project members

  • If a role is not listed for the project, you (or an administrator with the appropriate permission) can create it using Setting > Unica Plan Settings > List Definitions > Roles.
  • When you edit members, the list of people in the Available resources section of the Select Team Members dialog is populated from Unica Platform. This list reflects limitations based on your role and permissions. For details, consult your Unica Plan administrator or the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide.

    The list of teams in the Select Team Members dialog is based on the teams that are defined in Unica Plan. As with the list of people, the list of teams is limited based on your role and permissions.

  • The email address displays for a team member only if this information is available in Unica Platform.
  • You cannot remove project members (or roles) who have tasks that are assigned to them. You must remove them from all future workflow tasks before you can remove them from the project.
  • In the Project Members column, teams are in italics and are preceded by the People in line image icon. Individuals are in bold font and preceded by the Rolodex card image icon.