Select project members and reviewers page

The Select Project Members page appears when you are adding or removing project members, and the Select Reviewers page appears when you are adding or removing reviewers.

Note: You might see only a subset of the people and teams available in Unica Plan, since your organization can limit the view of available resources.
Table 1. Fields on the Select Project Members/Reviewers page
Field Description
Available resources Displays a list of users you can choose from.
  • The list of people is set up by an administrator in Unica Platform.
  • The list of teams is based on the teams defined in Unica Plan.
Roles Displays a list of roles in your system in alphabetical order. It is set up by an administrator and contains all the roles defined in Unica Platform and Unica Plan template files.

In the Select Project Members or Select Reviewers page, use the Roles tab to add roles for the members and reviewers.

Selected Project Members / Reviewers Displays the current list of members or reviewers for the project. You can move people and roles to and from the list and reorder them using the buttons.
Note: An asterisk (*) next to a role indicates that the role is used in the workflow, and therefore cannot be deleted.