Assigning people to roles

Roles define tasks and permissions in projects. Assign users to roles before starting work on a project.

Before you begin

Before you can complete this task, the workflow must be set up to include the necessary tasks and approvals, and a role must be assigned to each task that should have one. The requirements for a project derive from the template that it is based on.

About this task

Note the following behavior.

  • Administrators create roles using the List Definitions section of the Administration menu item.
  • The list of people in the Team members section of the Select Project Members page is populated from Unica Platform, and may be limited based on your role and permissions. For details, consult your Unica Plan administrator or the Unica Platform Administration Guide.
  • Administrators can define assignments using the Request tab of the template. Therefore some roles can be pre-assigned.
  • The list of teams in the Select Project Members page is based on the teams that defined in Unica Plan. As with the list of people, the teams you can view may be limited based on your role and permissions.


  1. Go to the People tab of the project.
  2. You can assign work to project members or reviewers.
    • Click Manage roles > Members to add project members.
    • Click Manage roles > Reviewers to add reviewers.

    The Select Project Members or Select Reviewers dialog box appears.

    Note: If the template used to create the project already contains the necessary roles, skip the next step.
  3. Click the Roles tab on the left side of the dialog and add all the roles you might need for the project.
  4. In the Selected Team Members/Reviewers list box, select the role you want to assign.
  5. Click the Available resources tab, and navigate to the person or team to assign.
  6. Select the person or team and click >>.

    The selected person or team is assigned to the selected role.

  7. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 until each member and reviewer role has at least one person or team assigned to it.
  8. Click Save Changes.