Data validation rules

Rules are a set of data validation functions that you define in an XML file, then import and associate with a form.

If a form has an associated set of data validation rules, Unica Plan applies them automatically when users enter data for a marketing object instance. For more information on how to set up data validation rules, see Grid validation.

On the Rules Definitions page you can:

  • Click Add Rules Definition to load an XML rules definition file.

    After you add a rule, you link it to tabs that collect data using a grid-style form: Edit the template and click the Tabs tab. For details, see Template Tabs tab for customizing the user interface.

  • Click Delete to delete a rule (if it is not in use by any templates).
  • Click a rule to update its rule file, or to change the name of the rule.
    Note: If you attempt to overwrite an existing rules file, the system generates a warning.

Navigating to the Rules Definitions page

  1. Select Settings > Plan Settings.
  2. In the Other Options section, click Template Configuration.
  3. In the Templates Components section, click Rules.