Project and request deactivation

After your organization uses Unica Plan for some time, the user interface can become cluttered with out-dated or unwanted projects and requests. You can deactivate projects and requests to reduce clutter and simplify searches.

Most Unica Plan users can deactivate and reactivate projects and requests from the object Summary tab or project and request list pages. You can deactivate or reactivate up to 1000 projects and requests with this method, which depends on the number of objects that are displayed on each page. Your administrator specifies the maximum number of objects that display on each page in the administrative configuration settings. Administrators can also deactivate or reactivate multiple projects and requests that fit selected criteria with bulk deactivation and reactivation features.

Note: You must have appropriate security permissions to deactivate and reactivate projects. Administrators set permissions at the template level. When a template is created, the Project Owner and Plan Administrator can deactivate and reactivate projects and requests by default.

After you deactivate projects and requests, they no longer appear in the user interface or search results unless you specifically search for it. The following standard searches show deactivated projects and requests.

  • Deactivated Projects
  • Deactivated Requests
  • Deactivated Projects and Requests

You can also locate deactivated projects and requests in searches that are built by filtering these default searches.

The inactive projects and requests remain in your database. Inactive projects can always be reactivated.

To deactivate a project or request, it must fulfill the following criteria.

  • Projects must be in the state of Complete, Canceled, or On Hold.
  • Project requests must have a status of Canceled.
  • If the project has subprojects, the state of the subprojects must also be Complete, Canceled, or On Hold. You must also deactivate the subprojects before you can deactivate the parent project.
  • In an integrated Unica Campaign-Unica Plan environment, the campaign end date must pass before you can deactivate a project or subproject with a linked campaign. You cannot deactivate a project with a future end date.