You configure security policies that grant users permission to access specific objects and features through assigned access roles.

Every installation of Unica Plan requires Unica Platform. You access the features of both applications through an integrated user interface. To set up security for Unica Plan, you use features of both Unica Platform and Unica Plan. Before you begin, see the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide for information about security features in Unica Platform.

You create and manage users and user groups with Unica Platform. The permissions that are granted to an access role are determined by a security policy. Any user who is not assigned any roles is governed by the default security policy, Global.

Unica Plan provides security through several layers of access roles, and access roles can be assigned to users in different ways. For example, administrators assign default, or baseline, access roles to users, and then the project leaders who create projects further specify which users can participate and with what roles.