Exporting and importing metadata

You can transfer data structures (metadata) between Unica Plan systems using the export and import features.

To transfer metadata efficiently from one Unica Plan system to another, you export the metadata from one instance and import it into another instance.

For example, you create templates on a test server and then test and refine them to assure they meet the needs of your organization. When you are ready to deploy the templates for general use, you use the export feature on the test server to create a compressed archive file, then use the import feature on the production server to load the file and install the templates.

Unica Plan offers options to package and migrate metadata in bulk. You can migrate the following types of metadata in bulk.

  • Security policies and related user roles
  • Project heath status rules
  • Teams
  • Marketing object types
  • Templates

When you migrate metadata from one Unica Plan system to another, be aware that:

  • Both the source and target systems must be running the same version of Unica Plan.
  • The source and target systems can be running under different operating systems.
  • The source and target systems can be using different types of database servers.