Implementing project health rules

To help project owners and participants track the overall status of their projects, you configure the system to calculate project health.

Unica Plan supplies a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for projects. To objectively determine whether a project is healthy or in a warning or critical state, you select KPIs and supply threshold values for them in health rules. To use different criteria to determine the health of different types of projects, you can associate each of the rules you create with one or more project templates. The system runs batch jobs to automatically apply the correct rule to each project and update health status indicators in the user interface.

To implement project health rules for your organization, you:

  1. Assess the default health rule, and configure custom health rules as needed.
  2. Assign health rules to project templates.
  3. Schedule the start time for the daily batch job, and how frequently during each day additional batch jobs run. For more information, see the Unica Plan > umoConfiguration > Scheduler >daily and intraDay configuration properties in the Unica Plan Installation Guide.
  4. Optionally, customize the labels and color indicators that display for the health statuses.

You can export health rules that are defined for one Unica Plan system and import them into another. For more information, see Exporting and importing metadata.

When implementation is complete, project owners and participants can use the following methods to monitor health status:

  • Subscribe to email notifications generated by the daily batch job.
  • Add a Project Health Status portlet to the dashboard.
  • Review indicators in the Project Health column of the project list page.
  • Open the Project Health tab for an individual project.
  • Run the monthly and trend project health reports.

For more information about these features, see the Unica Plan User's Guide.